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How to make shoes for American Girl dolls

This is a very cute duct tape shoes for American girl dolls, so fun and easy to make. Tutorial is by pinkiepink girl from Youtube.

Duct tape
Craft foam
Cork or cardboard
Small piece of Aluminum foil trim (optional)

how to make shoes for american girl dolls

1. Trace the feet of the doll on a cork/cardboard on craft foam to insure the accuracy of the measurement. This cardboard will serve as the base of the shoe. Make sure that the cork/cardboard has an inner curve to determine whether that shoe is for right/left foot.

2. Prepare the duct tape by cutting them in 4 inches, 3 inches measurement and some small pieces.

3. Take the first four-inch duct tape. Fold in a half and wrap it on the foot of the doll. Tape it tightly on the back of the cork/cardboard that was traced before this step using the small cut duct tapes. Make sure that the foot of the doll is protected by stockings for not scratching the foot of the doll.

4. Now, it is time to make the side ways of the shoe. Take another 4-inch duct tape, fold it in three-fourths manner leaving a quarter open with sticky solution to cling on the cork/cardboard when it will be positioned and tape. Put it around the cork/cardboard starting from last tape that was connected passing the sole meeting the other fastened duct tape on the other side.

5. The finger side remains open, get the aluminium foil and wrap it on the open part of the fingers side of the foot to close it. The foil will serve as the shield of the shoe. Secure that while wrapping it follows the shape of head of the shoe.

6. Take the 3-inch cut duct tape and wrap it on the foil and let the foil be the inner protection of the head of the shoe. Tape the excess edges of the tape at the cork/cardboard in the bottom side.

7. Take another 3-inch duct tape, fold a quarter and put it in the front to put design on the frontal view moving upward attaching on the opening of the shoe.

8. Then, take off the shoe from the foot of the doll and check whether the foil is fastened and pressed inside the duct tape using your hand.

9. The shoe is done. It is the time to put some final touches on the shoe. Take another cardboard, a duplicate of the first foot pattern you have created. Glue the cardboard using plastic glue at the bottom of the shoe to make it a little stronger. Take some abaca twine to put between junction of the cardboard and the shoe or the other material you wanted to add their maybe.

10. Do the same process on the other pair. Make sure that the design must be identical.


Video Tutorial for Making Shoes for American Girl Dolls


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